Archeo, Distillery District

Toronto Restaurant Wedding


Holy crap, our friends got married, and we got to shoot PLUS Brandon was in the bridal party PLUS my father (Jessy) officiated their ceremony. I know, a lot of goodness went into this wedding and we couldn’t feel happier for our friends.

So about these two lovebirds. Well first off, if you think you know a foodie, well they ain’t got nothing on Alex & Lisa. I am serious. These two eat, eat a lot and eat everrrrywhere. They are like food connoisseurs on a mission for flavour. When they mentioned they were looking for a spot to get married and we asked what was most important to me, well we kind of already knew the answer. So of course, Alex & Lisa set out to find their perfect wedding venue by going out to a few different resto’s in Toronto and eating as much as their bellies could handle. Archeo won in the end, and provided one of the BEST WEDDING MEALS I’ve ever eaten.

Alex & Lisa’s wedding was completely non-traditional in every sense of what a wedding generally offers, and damn we are grateful to have been apart of it. They kissed randomly during their ceremony when they weren’t even finished their vows (haha thanks to my dad and being the most imperfectly, perfect officiant and goofing up!) We shot their bridal party photos at night, what an adventure, completely cold & freezing our asses off but whatever we had a blast. AND they win the worlds shortest ceremony with a record time of 9.85 minutes!

A & L, you know we love ya, but beyond that, we’re proud of you. For sticking to your guns and sticking up for one another. Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us, and for all of your generosity. Here’s to many, many, many more meals together with lots and lots of wine, and many more memories. We love YOU. Without further ado, here is Alex & Lisa’s completely untraditional, completely unforgettable wedding day at Archeo Restaurant.

Toronto Restaurant Wedding

Photography by Bows & Lavender

Location Archeo Restaurant

Flowers by Thorn Floral

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