Relaxed Home Hangout


Oh man, the summer has kicked off with a bang and it’s been back to back sessions with amazing couples & their tribes. And this one was one heck of a start so a beautiful season ahead. Skye & Mike invited us into their beautiful home in a sweet little town known as Sutton. They home is walking distance to Lake Simcoe, so of course we ventured off down the road after capturing some in-home shots.

Skye is a very successful interior designer – you can find her work here. Seriously go take a look, this woman has some serious style chops. And Mike is a very successful real estate agent. Put the two of them together and you have pure gold! I was so excited to get to spend some time with Skye & Mike, and get to see their beautiful home that they’ve put so much work into. They call their place “Cape Cod on Maple Street” which of course couldn’t be more on point. The openness of the space, paired with the minimal textures and homey touches have brought an air of Cape Cod shores to their home in rural Ontario. Throughout the shoot, I knew it was just as important to capture the essence of their home and life there. Whenever I photograph my couples I always think about when they are old and grey looking back at the images. How do they relate to them? How do they see themselves? Where were they in their life, that will make them smile reflecting back on those memories? Of course, having these two lie on the floor is a classic for me. I know I love making people do random weird things like laying down. And for Skye & Mike, I wanted to capture their youth in their beautiful home in hopes of one day making these two smile looking back at how wonderful their life was together.

Without further ado, here is the relaxed home hangout of Skye & Mike. I can’t wait to photograph their vows in September and watch the magic of marriage enrich their life!

Relaxed Home Hangout

Photography by Bows & Lavender

Thank you to my husband/assistant Brandon Gouveia

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