What happens when you get a couple of Winnipegians on the west end of Toronto? A whole lot of booty drops and the middle finger and I could never hope for anything else. Capturing Stephanie & Andrew was the BIGGEST BREATH OF FRESH AIR. And I’ll tell ya why.

In an age of social media, where connectivity is the heart of communication, it’s easy to get lost on endless amounts of pretty images of couples in love. Yes, I know, I am aware that I contribute to the chaos. I love it too, I do. But it gets repetitive, same old frame, of the same old thing. With these two weirdos, it was a WHOLE new world of hanging anf capturing. To say I had fun, is a huge understatement. We wandered around Parkdale with no plans in mind. The best part was that we just hung out, and I snapped along the way, whilst making them cuddle in little nooks around the neighborhood (whilst Steph dropped it likes it’s hot and Andrew flicked up the middle finger!) They were nothing but themselves and that made me feel rather fuckin lucky to get to capture these two genuine souls.

Without further ado, here is Stephanie & Andrew’s Parkdale Adventure. They rocked my socks and I hope they rock yours too. And remember, what’s out there is cool, but what you are is even better. Next year can’t come quick enough!


Photography by Bows & Lavender

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