How do I even start sharing about Elise & Jordan. I guess I’ll begin with the end:

‘It’s not just a story of a boy that meets girl, it’s a voyage across the seven seas, a celebration of the world.’

These are part of the beautiful lyrics written by Jordan’s brother about these two and it actually brings me to tears remembering this day and that moment. Jordan’s brother ended the evening with a song he’d written personally for Jordan & Elise and it was easily the most heartfelt, hilarious and beautiful gifts. I am still humming the song and the wedding was a month ago, ha ha I am serious.

But wait, let me tell you about the moments before. They said their vows among their closest and brought the celebration over to Storys Building in Toronto. The waterworks appeared when Elise entered into the reception and saw the incredible design of the room by Hunt & Gather Floral and Blush & Bowties. The tables were laden with fresh papaya, pomegranate and richly coloured florals. The colourful vibrance was an incredible ode to the energy and life of J & E and I could understand why the tears welled up. Elise & Jordan had guests from all over the world to witness and celebrate their love, and what a way to do it.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for welcoming us both into your world, and for being the most kind & genuine souls in the world. It’s not everyday you work with a couple more concerned that everyone (including the help) is doing well and enjoying themselves. Not only was it an honour, you truly humbled us with your gratitude and hope that the photos will give you every lovely piece of heart that was included in your wedding day. Without further ado, here is Elise & Jordan’s Moroccan Inspired Wedding.


Photography by Bows & Lavender

Thank you to my husband/assistant Brandon Gouveia

Wedding Planning by Blush & Bowties

Flowers by Hunt & Gather Floral

Make up by Toronto Beauty Group


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