I always start my blog posts with a bit of who, what, where and why. Initially when I started writing this with the who part, I immediately started getting emotional. Naturally, my words jumbled into incoherent sentiments about the one and only Scarlet O’Neill. This beautiful woman is, to paraphrase from another photographer, a “wingless angel.”

At first when Scarlet had asked me to photograph her maternity images I responded with an immediate no and a nervous grin. The reason— because pregnancy seemed like some far off galaxy that I don’t understand, how could I possibly capture such a intimate and meaningful time in someone’s life without having going through something similar? But the idea of photographing this wonderful woman was something that I could only dream of.

Time flew by, and Scarlet asked one more time. This time something was different about how I felt about it, and it’s all thanks to this wonderful woman. I’m lucky enough to share a special bond and respect for this kind soul, that with time has only grown us closer together. And what was once about maternity photography, turned into an opportunity to photograph one of the most special times in my friends life. I had to say yes, and I knew that being apart of this would mean a lot. To both of us.

Fast forward, and I found myself spending two hours with Scarlet, and her beautiful baby bump. My face hurt from smiling so much, excited for my dear friend and the bundle of joy that is on it’s way. Like any other session, it was all about her, the way she moved and the light we found.  The afternoon was filled with pure & utter joy while connecting over the silly little things that make us human. My heart is filled with love and admiration for you Scarlet, you so naturally nurture and care that motherhood is already apart of you. This sweet babe of yours is so blessed to have such a mother & friend to guide her into this little thing we call life. Thank you for pushing me, supporting me & trusting in me to create even when I thought I couldn’t. You truly are a wing-less angel. Without further ado, here is Light & Skin of Scarlet O’Neill.

Light & Skin

Photography by Bows & Lavender

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