A couple weeks ago, Brandon & I were lucky enough to sit under the stars, in the stunning courtyard of Archeo. We were eating the most delicious meal provided by the very talented chef at Archeo Resto. In that moment, we sat silently, smiling at one another. We were almost finished shooting for the day, and that was one more amazing success story for the books. And we need MORE success stories from this year and I am happy to share Virginia & Salvatore’s special day.

Their wedding was last minute, planned within weeks of the day. And you would have never have known it. I have never planned a wedding myself, but I know all the work that goes into designing a day that reflects you as a couple, and it ain’t easy. The glow of the candles, the warmth of the space in such a historic part of the city played such a special role S & V’s intimate wedding.

One of my favorite moments of the day was in the evening. I ran to the end of the street; anticipating a sunset, but the weather was overcast all day and my hopes were slim. I remember thinking, ‘Come on universe, just give it to them. Give them this light at the end of the day.’ And in that instant, I kid you not, the sun broke through the clouds and through the downtown buildings. I paused. Is this real? I called Brandon. No answer. Shit. The sun was slowly starting to disappear. Ring, ring goes my phone. It’s Brandon. “BABE, GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE NOW, RUN!”

Watching Brandon, Virginia & Sal, run towards me with the biggest smiles, well that was moment I’ll never forget. And the moment the sun shone through Virginia’s hair as Sal held her, well that’s a moment that took my breath away. I’m grateful to the universe for making the sun shine on these two, and I am even more grateful to them, for sharing their beautiful world with us.

Without further gilding the lily, and without further ado, here is one hell of a wedding that celebrated love at it’s rawest. A celebration, simple, full of warmth, connection and great food. Congrats V & S.





Photography by Bows & Lavender

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