When you think about a wedding, what is the first thing that comes to mind? These two knew their answer right away, it was a celebration of love. A blessing of a day, where all your loved ones surround you and witness your vows to one another. A wedding can have funny, unforeseeable moments like running out of booze before the reception starts! But it can also have triumphant moments, where a father has the courage to dance with his daughter. A wedding isn’t just one day, it’s a lifetime, a journey from one part of life to the next. Where a young woman finds herself inlove with another young woman and a ripple effect of positivity emanates from their bond. Where a promise is made and two lives become one. Where a group of people have the two people in common and are henceforth connected forever.

There is frailty and humanity in all weddings, and it’s pretty emotional when the entire group is open to such vulnerability. This is the wedding of Samantha & Chantal. It was fucking incredible. Pardon my french. These two, together & individually, are the epitome of love, kindness & have such genuine hearts that when you meet them you are in awe. Somehow your world is brighter just by talking to them and in turn you want to live a happier life, give more to those you love and try to be a bit more kind in general.

They did their wedding up exactly as they dreamed it and the day couldn’t have been more perfect for them. Brandon and I were honoured to be even be considered to photograph their wedding and also stand as witness as they said their most tearful personal vows.

Without further ado here is the intimate greenhouse wedding of Samantha & Chantal. And one more thing I need to throw out there — donut walls. I am so happy they are become a “thing.”

Intimate Greenhouse Wedding

Photography by Bows & Lavender

Thank you to my husband/assistant Brandon Gouveia

Venue Madsen Gardens

Flowers by Room To Bloom

Chantal’s Hair by Jen Magee Artistry

Makeup for the brides Sarah J 

Officiated by the wonderful Jeff McQueen

Bridesmaid Dresses from David’s Bridal

Donuts by Artsy Baker

VB Boutique 


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