Liberty Village / Lake Ontario / Toronto

Stylish Waterfront Engagement

Okay, to start off, Michelle & Dave are two beautiful, beautiful people. With matching style and charm to add on top. From start to finish this entire engagement session was unreal. We wanted to combine elements of the industrial and the natural. We started our adventure in Liberty Village (their stomping grounds) and ended on a beach somewhere on Lake Ontario. As a dedicated photographer, I asked a lot of them, of course. Without any hesitation I encouraged them to climb up onto the huge shoreline boulders and wander around with the rapid water beneath them. No biggy, right? Well, I found out (while Michelle was 15 feet away from me trembling on a boulder) that she’s terrified of heights and that Dave isn’t a fan of water. Whoops. Haha. Well at the end of it all we had fun. The plan was there was no plan. I find works out the best, less pressure more time for adventure. Favorite moment that stood out during our evening? How flipping natural these two were together, I cannot WAIT for their wedding next year.

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Stylish waterfront Engagement

Location: Humber Bay Park & Liberty Village

Michelle’s dress is from Artizia and they both got their swag from their mama’s.

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