Melanie & Kyle / Toronto

Industrial Engagement

These two. How do I start. Well first off, we need to shout out Bacon, the cutest little bum wiggler in the world. We wandered around Trinity Bellwoods, taking Bacon for a walk and grabbing a coffee!

Like all my couples, these two were SO laid back and all about just hanging out. and taking it easy. The plan was, Bacon, coffee, beer. Best plan ever.

We hit up Blood Brothers during an extended blue hour thanks to the cloud coverage. And Melanie seranaded Kyle with that song Will Ferrell sings in Step Brothers. So basically, we laughed out asses off and had the best night. Universe, please send more couples to my doorstep that say, “Bacon, coffee, beer.” Without further ado, here is Melanie & Kyle’s industrial Adventure!

Industrial Adventure

Photography by Bows & Lavender

Beer supplied by Blood Brothers

Cuteness supplied by Bacon


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