Catt & Derek / Toronto

At Home Love Session

Catt, Derek & Mika invited me into their beautiful little home. It was wonderful to say the least. We chatted about Florida childhood memories, and drank cappuccino and beer (not mixed together of course!) It was fun for me because Catt & Derek said they needed a lot of direction, and I knew exactly how they felt.

You know when you’re in front of the camera, and immediately become awkward & your arms raise up in T-rex position, while your cheeks start pulsing from smiling so hard? Well, I am sure most of us have felt like this at one time or another. And I LOVE that, because it’s human. We’re imperfect and that is the way it should be. What I am after is not perfection. It’s actually just trust. That’s it… trust. With your trust, I can encourage you to release those inhibitions that halt you from being yourself infront of the camera. With your trust, I get to share a part of you that is real, lovely and perfectly you. Throw two people into the mix and it only gets better!

Well Catt & Derek did not disappoint. Even when I mentioned I was going to make them do crazy things like hope in the bathtub! I was a bit nervous to ask of them, but turns out the two of the them love baths and it was only more fitting to their story. It was amazing to get to meet these two and see a glimpse into their happy and cozy world. Without further ado, here is Catt & Derek’s sweet home love session with their baby Mika. Thanks for letting me into your beautiful world and for giving me your trust.

At Home Love Session

Photography by Bows & Lavender

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