Vaughan, Ontario



Wowee, another day, another wedding, more wine, more cake. But what does it all mean?

I can’t wait to share about Kim & Gurprit’s special day.

First, we start off with a traditional ceremony, that I had the honour of photographing. I wore my shall as a head wrap (as encouraged by the couple) and took my shoes off for their private ceremony. I find the best things in life, require no shoes.

Fast forward, we jump into a warm end-of-September day. The leaves haven’t turned their autumn colour yet, but the wind gives a subtle but welcome brisk chill that encourages more time outside among the pines; because no bugs, right?

In Toronto, there is the hidden gem, not far from the city or the airport. It’s a pizza pocket full of trees, and history and wildlife that many people don’t actually know about. All that cheesiness, carb-induced goodness. Whenever I hear a couple getting married in this magical pocket, I always jump on the opportunity (no pizza included). The fresh air rejuvenates my creativity, and on top of that, the light is ALWAYS beautiful (and different, which one would say makes light beautiful?)

Kim & Gurprit were opting for all things easy-going, stunning and delicious. To sum it up, their wedding was cozy as f*ck, but stylish that you know there is more going on behind the scenes. Not only did they do/build/calligraphy/design much of the decor, but they hired the Blush & Bowties team to head up the planning, and DAMN. Seeing their wedding unfold, made me admire how special it is that they got to enjoy such a superb meal, surrounded by so much floral beauty (thank you Joey Butta!) You truly felt out of this world under the twinkling lights of the glasshouse at Kortright, It was a dream. It was ethereal. It was real.

And to keep it real, I remember listening to a speech sharing about how the bride had faced a tribulation; she had a panic attack the night before her wedding. The crippling kind, that plunges your lungs under water. I’ve never had a panic attack before, but we know all too well in our household what anxiety and panic attacks ensue. We had nothing but love, respect and admiration for our couple, sitting there and being so present. The fact that they had put so much of their soul into one day, well that’s a lot of pressure. And they did it well. I believe the best part are the days that will follow for them. The pressure will come and go, the drowning feeling may strike again, and yes life does suck sometimes (sometimes feels like all the time), but they move through it together. They have one another. Kim & Gurprit have each other. And of all of the miracles in the world, I hold love as one of the most under-rated strengths that one can yield. And to photograph their love, their strength, a day that they said no to fear, well f*ck that was a true honour.

Without further ado (also known as my babbling), I give you Kim & Gurprit’s beautiful Kortright Wedding hidden in the trees. Choose love, friends. With love, you can do anything.


Photography by Bows & Lavender

Location Kortright Conservation

Planning by Blush & Bowties

Officiated by Martin Frith

Florals by Joey Butta

Makeup By Judy Lim

Decor by Blush & Bowties & the couple

Catered by Kortright

Rentals from Detailz Rental

Cake & Sweets by Finespun


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