Cayo Coco Wedding

Vanessa & Brendan

We’ve been rather lucky with having the opportunity to photograph so many of our friends and families weddings. And this is one of those brilliant opportunities that reminded us how fortunate we are. We are constantly asked by our pals if it sucks having to be at their wedding and shoot at the same time, and to be honest, we’d have it no other way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy attending a wedding like the next guy (heyo open bar and endless hor’deourves) but there is so much more to a wedding than that and that’s what I get excited about shooting.

Cue Brendan & Vanessa, two of our family members that got hitched in Cuba surrounded by their closest. From start to finish the day was perfection with that Cuba heat & full of light. Now, I’ll share the other side of weddings, that often goes amiss. Let’s be real, SHIT HAPPENS. Ever since Brandon started shooting full time with me last year, he’s been able to attest to this. Every single wedding there is always something. Whether it’s big, smaller, whatever, there is always something that happens at each wedding that causes our couples to persevere. Well, Brendan & Vanessa were not exempt from this experience. Unfortunately, Vanessa’s father had been struck by a car while riding his bike home from work. It was two weeks before the big day and he found him self in the hospital with a punctured lung. The devastating new, he wouldn’t be able to fly to Cuba. When we heard the news, our hearts broke; I know HOW special it is to have your father apart of these moments in your life and what this meant for their wedding day.

Well, low and behold, you cannot control what happens to you in life but you can decide how to react. You have the freedom to choose how you feel about it. Of course, Brendan & Vanessa were heartbroken, we all were for them. But they hopped on the plane and walked down the aisle, celebrated and got hitched with Vanessa’s father by the side (via a cellphone, thank god for technology!) One of the most emotional experience that I’ve captured yet was when Vanessa’s MOH planned out a special ‘first dance’ for Vanessa with all the important men in her life that were present; a nice way to show her how much love & support she has. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. In the end, we got the whole family together again once we got home. We got all dresses up and Vanessa & her father were able to share their first dance together at home!

I could keep going on sharing so much more, but unfortunately google caps blogs for having too much writing and I also don’t want to lose your interest. I do, however want to take a moment to share that a wedding is what you make it, your life is what you make it. Unfortunately shit does happen, your dress gets dirty, plans may not go as you hoped they would, you may run out of time for photos, but who cares. Enjoy the moment, live the moment & embrace it all, after all you have control of how you feel and react to what happens to you and that is a freedom that should be honoured.

Without further ado, here is Vanessa & Brendan’s Cayo Coco Wedding. We also did a little sunset sesh the next day featuring a whacklock of sandcastle destruction & Vanessa’s filthy wedding dress ha ha but it was amazing; check it out here – STOMPIN SANDCASTLES

Vanessa & Brendan, thank you for your kindness, love and endless support of us. We hope that these photographs will live forever and be shared with the generations to come; let’s be real your genetics are too good to not procreate ha ha! love you guys!

Cayo Coco Wedding

Photography by Bows & Lavender

Thank you to my husband/assistant Brandon Gouveia

Hair by the lovely Amanda from Hairy Envy

Vanessa’s Gown by Essence of Australia 


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