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Is there anything more special,
then getting a new kitten?

Guys, I am excited!

This is my very first blog post that is not directly connected to weddings, but of course, deeply rooted in a love of photography and people (& animals, obvs!) I am going to take this opportunity to share a bit about something that recently shook my world. As many of you know, we said goodbye to our little cat, Flash, last October. It was painfully heartbreaking to see her go. We miss her everyday, and often find ourselves giggling, recalling memories of her silly, quirky ways. After we said goodbye, it took a whole lot of effort to get out of bed in the morning, but of course, we had people to photograph and family to visit.

It’s been a couple months, and I can’t say I miss her any less but it does get easier. Cue this special day I spent with my dear friend Jenn. She is also a wedding photographer in the city, and you can stalk her incredible work over HERE. Jenn had asked me to do a quick impromptu shoot. She had a Lasik surgery appointment the following morning and wanted a few shots as a farewell to her four-eyed self. Life is funny because I believe the universe sent Jenn my way without her even realizing it. This woman has one of those radiant smiles and soulful spirits that you feel like you’ve known her forever just upon meeting. Spending time with Jenn, taking photos and cuddling with her cats was one of the most soul-nourishing experiences I’ve had in a while. And I really, really, really needed it.

Jenn of course requested a few snaps with the kitties, and I held back tears, totally open to snapping away. Deep down I was so jealous that she was lucky enough to be surrounded by so much feline love. What started as jealousy turned to into appreciation, for being able to get to do what I do. Photography is the wonderful tool that allows me to free the artist within, and also encourages me to connect with so many incredible people and open my heart up, when I usually find reasons not to. Thanks Jenn, Little Kitty & Pixel for breathing some life back into me, even if you had no idea just how much of a positive impact you had. Maybe now you understand why I said thank you a million times.

On a side note, OH MY GOD, am I a crazy cat lady? I just wrote a whole post about cats! Well I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading, now go cuddle a cat or someone that has lost a pet!

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