This is my first official photo session shot fully on 120mm Film. And to have Elisabetta & Kris in front of my camera was truly the best part of it all. Using analog film as my medium was completely unlike anything else that I’ve ever shot. There was no do-overs, no chance to fix mistakes and time was my friend.

Let me start with the why.. I’ve been shooting weddings & portraits digitally for ten full years, and to be honest, the feeling is lingering that I’ve squeezed as much out of it as I can. That’s not to say forever, I just mean lately. I have had the urge to try some new things and push myself in unfamiliar territories, in hopes to ignite some creative passions.

Well let me tell ya, the fulfillment and take away from this photo session was huge. We started off with some chill time and a drink. I shared with them that I had only two rolls of film, which means we only have 24 frames. And the sigh of relief from the both of them was a breath of fresh air. It was so interesting to see their guards dropped when they realized we only had so many frames, as if the pressure is so much more less. Which then put the pressure on me (don’t F it up Jessy!).




Photography by Bows & Lavender

Analog Film Type Ilord 3200

Location Seven West

Shot on Hasselblad

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