When you read the title of this post, you were probably wondering what the heck is All Toronto Anniversary and what is she talking about. Well, allow me to divulge. Ally & Nicholas just celebrated three years of marriage and when they asked me to capture this special time I was beyond thrilled, excited & a wee bit nervous. To begin, these two are incredible photographers, full-heart business owners and just exceptional human beings. Of course, one should be inspired by such lovely characters, I just wanted to make sure that I did them justice.

So how does Toronto fit in there? Well, they told me about how they first met at The Drake Hotel and it was basically love at first sight. I can imagine the amount of pheromones pulsing through the air when these two met, I mean, even during their session I was constantly gravitating towards their energy together. So naturally we hung out on Queen West and got lucky with a warm, sunny evening. It was exciting to capture them  & relive the moments from many years ago ago at the very same hotel where it all began. I basically had them making out all over Queen street west and I am pretty sure we were all very okay with it, ha ha. It all felt like a movie, watching them hold one another while taking in the city scenes & sharing secret glances at one another.

From there, we took to their old hood of Humber Bay Park, overlooking their old apartment building. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. Mostly because many celebrities that I admire have changed so much and are ‘older’ now. It’s blowing my mind because in my heart I still feel like I’m 17 years old and living life without a care. But Ally & Nicholas session reminded me just how much time is passing by. I love that they connected and wanted to be photographed in all of these special places that held in their heart. It truly inspired me to be more aware of just what Brandon & I have done in the past decade and how much has changed. Damn, I need to get some photos done of us soon. Anyway, it was awesome shooting these two. They almost fell off the rocks and into the swirling chaos that is Lake Ontario, but it was all good, Nicholas caught Ally and balanced them (I almost fainted, what if I killed them!!!!)

Ally & Nicholas, your kindness and generosity speaks volumes that left me humbled. Just being around you made me want to live more fully, be more present and also just make out more in general. Something fun about just making out and I know you two have a whole lifetime of kisses ahead. THANK YOU for sharing your world with me, and I am so excited to watch our beautiful friendship bloom and hope to one day be able to capture 30 years marriage. I love you both.


Photography by Bows & Lavender

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