mentorship, the world is yours


You are uniquely you, and that is exactly what your brand is and stands for. Let's bring it to life through your art. We'll start with your brand (what are your values, mission and style) from there we dive into social media, how are you communicating your brand through those channels? Then we focus on your website. One on one we will build the blocks up to book the clients you dream of shooting, creating art that you're proud of. And more importantly, feel fulfilled by connecting to your values that make you want to jump up in the morning and get to work. Let's get into the guts of you, so that you can bring your brand to life with confidence & style.


Let connect with your guts, your values, the magic that makes you YOU, so that you feel fulfilled by the work you're creating. And want to create more, share more and book more.

This is your time, let's go through all of your brands strengths & opportunities, find the weaknesses and prepare goals and a direction to propel your brand in the direction you want it. The one on one is with Jessy. One hour long and we cover exactly what you need. Let's do this.

One hour & One

on one

Are you in the photography industry and looking to get an outsider opinion? Are you searching for a objective voice that’ll shed some light on how your brand appears through your social funnels? Perhaps you’ve built a strong business brand, and looking to adapt/oppose newer trends & styles? Or perhaps you’re ready to shake up your brand entirely and ready to find your strengths and use them to your advantage in an oversaturated market. Well, let’s chat.


Exactly as it sounds. This applies to your website or a print portfolio for in person reviews. We’ll go over the strengths that are presently working for you, and the weaknesses that are hindering your opportunities. My goal for this review is to provide you with some solid feedback and takeaway that will help you direct your vision and solidify your position in the market. I intend to help you focus on your opportunities, while providing a plan of action moving forward that will project you, your business & your brand in the direction you want to go.


the best thing I've ever done for my business was getting a mentor

I can promise you one thing: it's a decision that will open you up to a world of ebs and flows. The wind howls, but the mountain remains still. So I dare you, stand strong and tall. Have the courage to bring your art out into the world with confidence. I won't be your coach, and I am certainly not your therapist. I would be honoured to mentor you. And I promise to be objective, and bring my 5 years of building, growing, and running my niche brand to the table and offer experience based learning with honest feedback. Let's do this.

150.00 - one hour