AND this is our wedding story.

We initially planned an intimate wedding, with only our immediate family present at our family cottage. The plan was: easygoing, in nature, natural, good food, great wine and no itinerary. We wanted to write our own personal vows, and have the ceremony officiated by Jessy's father while surrounded by our absolute closest.

well some things don't pan out the way you hope for. And yes, shit hit the fan.

We had some resistance from family members, along with conversations that were very hard, full of expectations that we didn't necessarily agree with. It was after one very serious conversation with our family and one quiet drive home that everything changed. Brandon and I looked at one another and said, "Wanna elope?" No word of a lie. We both felt so peaceful and so appreciative of one another in that moment. From there, we booked Toronto City Hall for our elopement. We didn't tell a soul. It was so exciting. We surprised our parents by getting them to meet us nearby, each of them assuming they were meeting us for dinner. We were all dressed up in our wedding garb, and decked out with big white helium balloons. We cried, we laughed, we popped champagne, we had an unforgettable ceremony in which were pretty sure the officiant fell asleep during, and we made a memory that we'll never forget. We all went out for dinner at Caffino restaurant still buzzing from the excitement of eloping. We shared an unbelievable dinner and wine experience, then popped over to our favorite bar and stayed out until closing time. You bet we got very drunk with our parents and made it a night we'll cherish forever.

The reason we share this in our style & vibe section is because we believe that life is what you make it. Shit happens, and things don't need to go a certain way because that's the way things are done. We encourage every couple out there to make your wedding your own, a reflection of who you are as a couple, and have a fuckin blast. period.

Welcome to a very important nook of our website, and we are happy you’ve found it. First off, we give you credit because you’ve taken the time to research the people that you’ll be spending a majority of your big day with, you care about your wedding and you care about your people. Bare with me, this is more of a personal conversational rather than a stale How-to on how to plan your wedding and what to expect. You’ve reached out to us (or are thinking about it) and we are so grateful that you are here. The most important part of everything that we do as your photographers is to capture your moments as best we can, the most important part of what we believe as your photographers/witnesses is that we have your trust and that you feel comfortable with us.

Ready to make a life commitment to your partner in crime and this takes guts. This is huge in the best way possible. Now let the distractions begin. In a world of constant glamorous wedding inspo, exponential wedding instagram accounts and endless pinning opportunities on Pinterest, it is SO EASY to become distracted. Believe me I was in the same boat when my husband and I got engaged. Before you even start planning, I totally recommend you sitting with your love and writing down (separately) what you imagine on your wedding day & how you imagine feeling? Share what you wrote with one other and start building the foundation of what represents you as a couple. After that, planning a wedding will be much clearer, especially with your values in line.


They actually live forever. We’ll tell you the most important part of what we do: we capture moments in your life that you'll want to cherish for life, with people you'll always want to remember and of memories that live in this pictures. When you close your eyes and imagine your wedding, what does it look like? This is a big question that we often ask. Go beyond that and now ask yourself, how do you want to feel? I encourage every couple that wants to get married to write a list answering those two questions above. Before any planning starts, find out the heart of what a wedding is to you both. By doing this, you'll know exactly the moments, the people and the memories that you'll want to have.


Before any planning starts, find out the heart of what a wedding is to you both. This is where we come in. The value of Bows & Lavender is connecting with others & capturing photos. That’s it. Our clients and their experience is everything. Photography is the fun and creative part of our job, but what gives us worth and meaning is connecting with our clients and sharing in some of the most important moments in their life. If you are expecting a person with a camera to show up to your wedding and peace out, then we may not be the duo for you. We want to know your story, we want to meet your parents & we want to be apart of your planning process. Most of all, we want you to feel like your with friends who happen to be holding a couple cameras asking you to kiss every once in a while. haha.


okay, enough words

We'll let the photos speak for themself

Browse around & we hope you feel inspired