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What can we say about Jessy and Brandon that isn’t already out in the universe? 
They truly are a dream team. Bows & Lavender shot our wedding this past October and having only met Jessy in person once before, I knew that her magnetic, soothing energy was exactly what we would need for our special day. The process leading up to the day was concise and thorough, they asked all the right questions and we always felt we could trust them. 
On the day of, they both seamlessly integrated into the chaotic environment and managed to capture the heart of our wedding. We opted to have only photography (no videography) and their almost documentary style of shooting meant we have never felt a lack. They felt like attentive friends who just happened to have a camera. Nothing was missed - they caught everything. The photos (and personalized snail mail package!) we received exceeded our expectations. The photographs are emotive and raw, honest and so, so powerful. At any point I can look at any given photograph and be transcended back to that exact moment in time. We owe that all to Bows & Lavender. They were an integral part of our wedding and we will be singing their praises for many, many years to come.

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Bows and Lavender, thank you so much for being such an important part of two of our biggest life adventures. 1) Hiding in the woods in the middle of February 2017 to capture the perfect proposal shots! And 2) Shooting our wedding September 29 2018. Being on instagram and pinterest all the time I was super anxious to get infront of the camera on my wedding day. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take those wedding pictures you see all over the internet (are those people even real???) Jessy and Brandon are absolute naturals with the camera and know what makes the perfect photograph. Their chemistry together when shooting makes them a pleasure and an inspiration to work with. From the time they showed up to the time the wedding ended, Jessy and Brandon kept everything relaxed and in the moment while still making us feel special. By the end of the day Jessy felt like more of a bridesmaid than my photographer. Brandon did an excellent job at making my husband comfortable infront of the camera, he provided us with stunning and classic film stills. Jessy is so outgoing and hilarious – your guests and family who don’t want to be infront of the camera wont even notice because they will be distracted by her wit and charm. When looking back at my photos I can't even begin to pick my favourites. They have captured the most beautiful pictures that are just radiating with love, laughter and joy. Is there a better way to capture a wedding day? The colour, the light, the warmth in each picture leaves you in awe. The attention to detail and candidness takes your breath away. When I show anyone my wedding photos I always get the same response – “what a photographer! Amazing!” And it is completely true. This duo will make your fall in love with you wedding over and over again, for days, months, years and decades to come. We are so lucky to have had Jessy and Brandon capture our day and we are equally as lucky to have such passionate and talented people as friends.

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Brooke & Matt

Postnik Yakovlev famously worked as the architect and builder of Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Russian legend stipulates that Ivan the Terrible had Yakovlev blinded, to prevent him ever creating anything so beautiful ever again (this is almost certainly a myth, but I super dig this horrifying metaphor). This is how I feel about Jessy over at Bows & Lavender. It's not that what she did was good, it's that what she did was SO good that I don't want her working with anyone else ever again. From the moment Jessy walked in, she was soft spoken and kind. She was small and beautiful. She wore a flowing dark dress and quiet flats. After our initial meeting (and a few wonderful staged moments), I barely saw Jessy. But my god, did she see me. Every photo Jessy captured is a tiny, intimate piece of art. None of these photos would appear out of place in a bridal magazine, or gallery. I see these pictures, and they take my breath away. Every photo Jessy captured is a tiny, intimate piece of art. None of these photos would appear out of place in a bridal magazine, or gallery. I see these pictures, and they take my breath away. Jessy saw and captured moments that no one else could have. Thanks to her, I can keep, and see those precious moments for the rest of my life. Literally, the rest of my existence. How many people can give you a gift so magical, that you keep it close to you for your entire life? Frame it, put it up on your wall, and cry when you look at it? Not many.


If you had any question about hiring Bows & Lavender after seeing Jessy's wedding photography on her website, let this review be the piece that seals the deal. My wife, Cara and I happened across Jessy's work when we were looking at wedding photos of our venue on google. Our venue was obviously beautiful, or we wouldn't have picked it, but the way that Jessy was able to capture the ambiance made her photography stand out from literally all the other talented wedding photographers who had shot that venue. Her unmistakeable style was borne out in the rest of what we saw on her website and we reached out to her. Jessy's style has some key priorities. First, she aims to capture the real emotion of the day. She does this using dramatic lighting and colours that form the tonal undercurrent of the majority of her work, and lend it endless authenticity. The other way she does this is by capturing the small moments and candid interactions that fill out the photographic memory of the day. This priority, of course, doesn't subtract from her capturing all of the 'necessary' photos. Her style and approach is objectively outstanding, and your wedding deserves it. Aside from her style, her other attribute that makes her a top tier wedding photographer is her personality. From our very first interaction, we knew that we were going to hire her. Her enthusiasm for working with us was obvious in our first email exchanges, and was proven to be wholly authentic in our first meetings. Then there's the Brandon factor. This guy is awesome. He's Jessy's second shooter (and husband), and must have a master's degree in capturing candids and alternative angles. Their creative chemistry was tangible and filled in the day with even more laughs and awesome ideas (from different shots, to constructive criticism, to crowd control). Not only is Jessy clearly passionate about her artistic work, but she really loves getting to know her couples and deliver a stellar product. By the day of the wedding, she and her husband (Brandon) felt more like old friends and guests than vendors...

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Laura & Oliver

When my husband and I booked Jessy and Brandon to photograph our wedding day, we were overjoyed. Planning a wedding can get hectic, but knowing we could rely on Bows & Lavender for the photography, allowed us to relax, exist in the present, and enjoy the ride. Jessy and Brandon were able to make great connections with our guests, develop a wonderfully creative gallery of work, and deliver the most stunning thank-you package for us to cherish. From beginning to end it was obvious that Jessy and Brandon truly cared, and our time with the two of them became a wonderful part of our wedding experience.


I don’t think there are enough synonyms in the world to help me explain how incredible, funny and lovely Jessy and Brandon are. They are so creative and passionate with their art that you will get your pictures (in an incredibly reasonable time frame may I add) and be in complete awe that you looked that good at your wedding. My husband has a tendency to have the most disingenuous smile when having to pose in front of a camera (which for any bride is a nightmare) so we were so enthused with how natural Jessy and Brandon made every picture feel. We did a first look, which was one of the most emotional and amazing moments for us at our wedding, and we are so grateful that we had both of them there getting every single angle of that moment. Their attention to light and random little details is impeccable. I could not imagine having any other duo share our special day with us. They will make you feel comfortable, make the room laugh, and overall just be such an amazing presence that you will literally want to spend every moment of your wedding with them.


If you are looking for a photographer(s), we would highly recommend Jessy and Brandon from Bows & Lavender! They were absolutely phenomenal to work with for our wedding and we were blown away with our photos and the process. Jessy also shot our engagement photos and helped us feel comfortable with the experience. Leading up to our wedding, Jessy was in touch to make sure she had all the details needed and worked collaboratively with us and our planners to ensure a seamless day. I was incredibly uneasy about photo locations for rain contingency (it was calling for torrential downpour) - she even agreed to meet with last minute the week of our wedding to scout out photo locations to make sure we felt comfortable with all possibilities. Brandon and Jessy felt like family on the day of our wedding. As a bonus - Brandon got some incredible shots on film. Both have such a good eye for lighting. We had our sneak peek photos within 48 hours and our full album (over 1000 edited photos) in 5 weeks. I loved the layout of the online album - it was easy enough for my 91 year old grandfather to be able to view and download photos. Lastly, we received the most thoughtful surprise package in the mail with prints, a candle, bath bomb and a USB with all our photos. This is a team that truly goes the extra mile for their clients.


Jessy and Brandon are a dream team. They are absolutely everything you would ever need or want in photographers. Jessy shot our engagement photos, and she and Brandon shot our wedding. Their talent is undeniable, and their photos are keepsakes you will love forever. They are kind, warm-hearted people who will make you feel immediately comfortable. They know how to authentically capture special moments, and take the time to guide you if you need some help letting loose in front of the camera. Beyond the incredible photos they deliver, they go above and beyond by chatting with you to genuinely get to know you and your partner, and also take an amazing amount of time and effort to make the delivery of your photos special. They are professional, invested, creative, and talented artists. Cannot say enough great things about this amazing duo.


Jessy is amazing. She captured our wedding day so perfectly. It was such a lovely feeling to look through our photos and genuinely relive the day – she captured so much heart and emotion. She is such a talented photographer and just a lovely soul to be around. You will spend SO much of your time on your wedding day with your photographer and we were so grateful to have spent it with Jessy – she is so positive, kind, thoughtful, and she made us feel so comfortable!


What even to say? Jessy's work clearly speaks for itself. Jessy photographed our wedding in June, and while expecting a lot, we were still blown away. We love every photo, and so does everyone we show. She captured the vibe of the day perfectly. She was very communicative leading up, shared her plan, captured our requests and made us feel comfortable. On top of that, she's just cool to hang out with. Thank you so much Jessy!

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Words cannot even begin to describe the level of awesome that is Jessy - the raw emotion and love that is captured in each and every photo she takes is irreplaceable. The love we have for Jessy for her skill, who she is (one superstar chick) and her totally unique creativity and awesome sauce vibe is overwhelmingly. You made our perfectly magical day that much better. We can not thank you enough for being your amazing self - your talent is insane!!!


I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was to have Jessy as our photographer for our destination wedding in Mexico.Jessy made us feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout an event that usually makes you feel quite nervous 100% of the time !! Our sneak peek photos are everything I could ask for & more! Jessy captured the love in every photo and that’s all we could of asked for! Our guests were so impressed with Jessy and kept saying “you didn’t even know she was there”. Jessy has a way of capturing the moment that you wish you could freeze in time. We are so so thrilled Jessy was able to come to Mexico for our wedding and any bride would be privileged to have Jessy as their photographer!


My husband and I both knew how important our wedding day would be to us and having chosen Jessy to photograph our day in Mexico was one of the best decisions we had made. Her talent is unmatched, she is laid back, funny and professional and she is beyond passionate about what she does. We highly recommend using Bows & Lavender for an amazing all around photography experience.


Each photo they take captures a moment in time that, if not for their quick hands and amazing eye, would otherwise be missed. What they are able to produce seems to go beyond even my own recollection of the day. Going over the photos, the day feels warmer, the laughs more plentiful and the venue more beautiful than I remembered. I cannot say enough about their talent, professionalism and kindness. And just when you think these two couldn't be any more amazing, you see your printed photos, and then your jaw drops.


If there’s anything that Jessie and Brandon know how to capture is light! We first saw their work on instagram and were instantly drawn. If you’re looking for moody, spontaneous and in the moment memories, these two are it! They’re very easy to work with and are able to capture moments cinematographically. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again! They love LOVE and you can see it in their work.


I cannot say enough about our experience so far with Brandon and Jess. They are the most warm people and both are incredibly talented. We have been following their work for quite some time and have seen them shoot many of our friend’s weddings. We love both of their styles and they compliment each other beautifully, trust me you want both of them at your wedding! After seeing them in their element many times, obsessing over their work and hearing the glowing reviews first hand from our friends and family, it was an absolute no brainer when choosing our own wedding photographers. Jess and Brandon are both extremely professional and amazing at what they do, but it is clear that this is not just a job to them. They are very passionate about what they do and as a result, you will end up with the most incredible, timeless photos. We are so excited to have both of them at our wedding! Weddings can be stressful and there are many things that I’m worried about but having beautiful photos is definitely not one of them. Thank-you Jess and Brandon for putting us at ease, making us feel so special and spending so much time getting to know your couples. These little details that you both pay attention to, do not go unnoticed and are what makes your work so special.

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Emma & Matt

we LOVED having Jessie and Brandon shoot our wedding day. They are so incredibly talented, our photos are more like works of art. On top of that they are so personable, they truly feel like good pals right off the bat. We are so happy with our photos and overall the experience with Bows and Lavender was 10/10. I can not recommend them enough!

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Tara & Thomas

Jessy and Brandon are absolutely amazing. Not only did our photos come out just as we’d imagined, they were such amazing humans and made our special day even more special. I highly recommend Bows and Lavender for any wedding and can’t wait to come back to Toronto and plan a couple shoot with Jessy!


Working with Jessy & Brandon was the best wedding decision we made! Not only were they so fun and sweet to work with before our wedding and day-of, their photos were beyond anything we could have imagined! Every aspect of our wedding day was captured perfectly.
We also worked with them to produce our wedding album and it is STUNNING! They have loads of different options to pick from and the end result is such a special thing to have forever. It’s a true representation of our wedding day!

Jessy & Brandon are incredibly talented and professional but also really lovely people....we can’t recommend them enough!!


My husband and I just got our photos back from Jessy and Brandon. We are absolutely in LOVE with every single shot. Jessy and Brandon are excellent at what they do. I would say they go beyond just being photographers.They made everyone (wedding party, family, friends) feel comfortable and because of that, the pictures they are able to capture are so honest and beautiful. If you are looking for two genuine people, who are really interested in capturing your story and doing it in the most natural of ways- go with Bows and Lavender. I promise, you will not regret it.

PS- We had originally decided not to get a custom album- however as soon as we saw our sneak peek photos, we knew we had to have one!! Thanks again Jessy and Brandon. You two are THE BEST!!!


Bows and Lavender was an absolute dream to work with!! Jessy’s flexibility and ability to keep us ease made for one of the most memorable moments of our relationships. It felt like we had just started dating again. She made it so easy for us to have intimate moments in public settings, and we just had smiles on our faces throughout.

Thank you, Jessy for giving us such a wonderful experience!


Jessy and Brandon are absolutely incredible to work with. They have a contagious positive attitude and their passion for what they do shines through their work. We had the opportunity to have both Jessy and Brandon shoot our wedding and that meant that they captured every single moment (including the ones we didn't even realise happened), and every single angle imaginable. They provided us with such an amazing mixture of photos from family, to friends, to the venue and even the small details that we worked so hard on.


Jessy is a true gem, she is beyond talented, makes you feel at ease and is so easy to work with throughout the whole process. The professionalism and quality is top notch. We will definitely be repeat clients as Bows & Lavender is just fantastic. Thank you!


The sweetest, most professional, most creative, most amazing photographer out there. Jessy is the best! You won't regret taking her on for your special day.