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So we created this little spot that we hope will help you to plan the wedding of your unique dreams. We recommend the most talented and passionate people that we've worked with and from our experience share the same value for the art & good vibes that we have in our biz. We will be updating this page periodically, so feel free to check in whenever needed.

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whispering springs wedding


you know, the ones that get ya married and all

Recommendations for the best, the most genuine and lovely human beings that marry. Heartfelt, laid-back ceremonies that are customized to you. Yes, all three of these officiants have brought a tear to my eye while shooting.

Photo of Anneille Little - A Little I Do

The number one question we're asked

Our answer: Fuck yes, we are clearly biased. We admire the visual arts and all the storytelling & cinematic juices that video brings. The right question is who to hire. Check out these talented folks.