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1. Philosophy

2. Booking Process with B&L

3 What to expect working with you

4. Where are you located

5. What's your gear

6. Can we print our photos

7. Editing VS Raw

8. Our photos, tell us more

9. Photo preservation

10. Can we share our photos

11. Weddings - guide to planning your experience

12. Couples Photo Session - Planning A GOOD TIME





Our mission is to capture your story, with the ones of love and the atmosphere of your day. We've learnt from experience that we thrive in those more intimate settings that encourage emotion & intimacy.

We want to capture you in this time in your life, so that when we look back on these photos, you connect this time in your life. Our advice for couples photo session, make it memorable and relevant to where you live & love.

First and foremost, this is such a special time in your lives. It's about you two taking a step together into forever. I say, forget about the noise and keep it simple. Focus on your love, and everything will fall into place.

Guest count Max 150





Bows & Lavender explores the realm of weddings beyond traditional notions. We bring our alternative, artistic style & love of people, to capture and keep moments. We prefer to work with couples from start to finish to best curate their love story in a collection of epic awesomeness.

In order to book with us, we require a signed contract and non-refundable 30% deposit. This is required for all photography inquiries. We are available for google chat meetings and encourage to meet prior to booking to ensure we are a good fit & vibe!



Where are you located


We are located on Lake Simcoe in Georgina, Ontario. As well, we have a residence up in Kawartha Lakes, which is our middle ground for Northern Ontario Weddings. We love both city and country weddings.

We also work internationally and across Canada.

I’ll let our past couples and clients speak for themselves. Check out our testimonials page. We value your time and your memories and above all we aim to make the experience the best possible. We take on a number of weddings each year in order to focus on our couples. Specifically, we photograph one wedding per weekend, to really hone in on the emotional experience for our clients.



Can we print our photos

What's your gear

Heck yes, we offer prints and albums! However, if you opt to print your photos, please do. We recommend using a professional lab (Pikto is local in Canada with great quality and shipping rates!) We recommend to print your photos with the 'auto enhancement' option turned off, which most labs offer. Always here if you have any questions.

We use three different lens throughout weddings to capture the essence and give perspective! We prefer the L series quality that Canon has to offer. Canon 5D (3 & 4)

35mm, 50mm & 135mm lenses. Two Canon Speedlights. Hasselblad, Yashica Mat & Leica. Fuji Instax & a few other 35mm point & shoots for special occasions.



our Photos, tell us more


Although rarely asked, we need to make it clear that we do not give away raw or unedited photos. This remains a firm policy in our contract. We provide a range of Black & White and colour images for each session we shoot and are able to swap upon request for special circumstances! For example, for printing or albums! The film reel will remain in our hands as well.

We take 6-12 weeks for weddings & 2 weeks for couples photo session turnaround time. Your photos will be loaded to a private website that is password protected and your images will be available for download for 1 year. We photograph about 700-1200 photos for weddings and 80-200 photos for couples sessions.



Can we share our photos

Photo Preservation

This is an important question that I rarely am asked. Please people, if anything you do with your photos, make a couple copies of every single photo and save them on multiple devices: computer, USB & hard drive. I even recommend having a hard copy 4x6 of every print and keeping them in a shoebox. These are your MEMORIES, keep them safe.

Heck yes, these photos of you belong to you. Share away on your social media, print away and give as gifts and of course, please do submit your photos and share how proud you are of your memories as art. As a courtesy, we always encourage our couples to give credit to the vendors that helped make your vision come true.


a few tips before you start planning

Getting ready

backyard wedding barrie ontario bows and lavender photography

If the preparation portion of your day is important to you, let us know. We recommend booking an extra hour of coverage for 'getting ready' coverage. Jessy will arrive about an hour before for bridal prep, and Brandon will arrive about 30 minutes prior to the groom leaving for the ceremony. As always, we recommend booking a venue that can also host your getting ready locations or atleast having the locations near by. In our experience, we encourage spending less time driving & more time together, being present and enjoying your day.


To first look, or to not first look? There is no right answer, you do what works for you two. period. Do not feel that you need a first look in order to 'make time' for photos. Your photos are a document of your day, your moments. Let's keep them as real as possible. So plan your day to have genuine interactions rather than posed photographs.


Alright, we have a bit of a non-traditional approach to bridal parties. Heck yes, we understand how important your friends & family are, and to have them stand by you while you say your vows is an honour. Now, what's the deal with all the cheesy photos that couples are obligated to capture with them? That's never been our vibe and we honestly avoid it at all costs. If you want to make some time to do 'bridal party photos' make it a memory. Do a champagne toast together, or perhaps run out after the cocktail hour as a group with a few drinks and sing a song together. The days of standing in a line and smiling are donezo. Unless you pose like a 90's hiphop group then okay, that's fine. haha.


Gone are the days when you zip away after your ceremony to take photos for three hours, only to arrive back to your reception hungry, thirsty and exhausted. Can I get a hell no? This is the exact opposite of what we encourage you to do during your wedding. Your cocktail hour exists to mix and mingle with all of the important people you've invited. We always recommend getting your family photos right after your ceremony. This is the moment when your family will be beaming with joy. These are their REAL reactions & moments happening, and a perfect time to document such a special time with your closest. From there, go to your cocktail, eat the food, drink the drinks. Feel loved and embraced and heck yes get a little tipsy.



Before you jump into your party, we recommend taking a few quiet moments to share with just the two of you (and us too!) This is a short photo session, like ten minutes, where you get to recall all the moments of your day together. It sounds silly, but you would not believe how busy a wedding gets and we encourage our couples to take tiny bits of time to take it in together. During this time, heck yes we're shooting you and the best part, is that it's natural, real and enjoyable. After that, head on into your reception, party your asses off and be present. Every single person you love is there celebrating you and you can bet we will be shooting all of these moments. And hey, you might find before the party kicks off that you want another 5 minutes just the two of you to gaze upon the stars. Let us know, we'll grab you and make sure you have those times to embrace and live in the moment & end the night perfectly.

wedding planning

remember the main thing, this is your wedding. Let it be a representation of you as a couple. Have the courage to make it your own to cherish for life.


getting your photos taken, read below

bows and lavender toronto wedding photographer


New house? New Puppy? New apartment? Anniversary? Proposal? Night on the town? Getting matching tattoos? Rock climbing? Going sky diving? Shopping at IKEA for your home? Whatever it is your doing, get it photographed and cherish the memories forever. This session has no time limit. Travel is included up to 100 km and is designed for some serious story telling and fun times.


You get to choose either 120mm or 35mm (check our film section in the blog section on the top menu to understand what I am talking about!) Two rolls are included with this session and there is no time limit. Shooting this session is purposeful, slow paced and very fun. If you're looking for something different, all in black and white and a one of a kind session. This is the shoot for you. It can be in your home, favorite bar, on a walk in your hood, anywhere really. All we need is some good daylight.


This is for the low key couples, that want to hang out at home. Definitely a must if your home holds special meaning to you. If you love the idea of a cozy intimate session but don't have the space/light/or whatever, or if you're like me, and have a ton of plants using all the window light, well don't fret. The intimate home session can be in a different space. We recommend checking out Air BNB, This Open Space and googling hourly rentable spaces. The couple in the photo did just this. A nice, empty loft that was the perfect canvas for them to let their love shine.


One hour. Sunset. Chill. Cuddle. Drink a beer. And more chill. If this is your vibe, then we just became bestfriends. I came up with this session during the summer of 2020 when I realized that many couples out there wanted a photo session, but due to the economical situation caused by the pandemic, just couldn't afford to get a couples photo session. So here is the best case scenario. A session, close to my home that is absolutely stunning. A walk in the forest, and a hang out on the beach while the sun sets. You don't need to be engaged, or perhaps you want to propose. Or perhaps, you just wanna document this time in your life. Let's do it.