bows & Lavender

receptions are best served with wine

cake cutting, snore.

smashing cake in your face, please do

cherish time together

weddings aren't events, they are your memories, coming to life

follow your gut, it'll work out

hire us

we can't wait to hear from you

surfing, everyday if we could

specific love for really, really kind souls

sunset over sunrise

colourblind, but only one of us

junebug's best photographer (three years in a row)

colour and black & white

less is more, always

we believe great style comes from personality

candles are the best light source

based in Georgina, Ontario, Canada

available worldwide

jessy & brandon are our names

we shoot canon cameras

and hasselblad, leica, yashica and more

we love the people almost as much as the light

moments over posed crap

the best plan is no plan at all

elope, elope, elope