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Photography Style

The question of the year is what is your style? I encourage for you to browse through my blog that features a collection of wedding & non-wedding photography that is a depiction of my style.


unique. artistic. momentous. quinetessential.


Bows & Lavender explores the realm of weddings beyond traditional notions. I bring my alternative, artistic style & love of people, to capture and keep moments. I prefer to work with couples from start to finish to best curate their love story in a collection of epic awesomeness.

What To Expect

While in action, I’ve been described as creative, goofy, fun & easy-going. I totally thrive on your energy and encourage you throughout. If you’re a romantic duo and can’t keep your hands off one another, this will most likely be the vibe. If you’re a complete goofball duo with a good humour to boot, that’ll definitely carry throughout. My style does not cater to a specific client; rather my artistic vision is used to capture your moments and tell your unique story.

What sort of gear do you use?

I use Canon 5d mark iii & ii. With a Nikon F film camera & an assortment of prime lens. Extra things in the gear bag? Plexi glass, Ilford 3200 bw film, lens cloth & a leaf.

Digital & Film

I photograph primarily in digital format, however will whip out the film camera for special occasions. The reason for this, it usually takes me a couple weeks till fill up a roll, and usually a month or two to get the film developed. By this time, it’s always a welcome surprise to see a few snapshots from past weddings that I get to relive the moments.

Do you have backup gear?

I have two cameras, so if something goes wrong with one, I have an extra. If something goes wrong with that one? I’m more than comfortable grabbing a family member’s camera and shooting away. Don’t worry, digital technology won’t stop us.

How long until the photos are ready?

It takes about 6 weeks (max) to complete your photos and get them uploaded onto your private online gallery. It all depends on seasonal workload, amount of photography, etc. You should expect to receive your backup USB drive within 6 months of your wedding date.

How many photos are included?

It’s hard to narrow down the exact amount. A full wedding day (8 hours) can have between 300-500 photos. A regular photo session can be anywhere between 30-100.

Are all of the photos edited?

Yes. Each photo I give to you will be fine-tuned & retouched with pure love. I do not give away/release raw photos, or jpegs in their original state.

Do you take posed family photos?

Yes and if you have a large family, I encourage you to make a list with names so that we don’t miss a shot. This is one of the traditional notions that will last forever. I know how important it is to your families to have these photos and am happy to provide this service.

Can we provide you with a shotlist of wedding photos I want?

The best way for me to answer this is with another question: Do you prefer coffee or wine? If you have a number of photo ideas in your head, then let’s get together and talk about it. Tell me about your dreams & what you imagine and let’s work together so that I understand where you’re coming from. That’s the best way for me to know what you’re thinking and not spend my time shooting your wedding with a list infront of my face!

Colour & Black and White Photography?

Once the digital files are edited, that is the final shot. I shoot in both black and white & colour, and selectively fine tune images that suit a certain style better. All my film photography is shot in Black & White.

Can we see the extra photos that did not make the final cut?

Culling is this thing we do that organizes the desireable shots in one group and deletes the undesirables for good. Most of the photos are added to your gallery however some may have a wonky eyed family member or are out of focus, these are the ones I leave out of the group.

Can we print our own photos?

You can print your own photos, however I highly recommend ordering your prints through me. It is important to hire a proper specialist to print your images with a proper printer. I get all of my work printed locally in Toronto, and the prints are of the highest calibre & with fine art finishes.

Unfortunately, if your prints do not turn out when getting them printed elsewhere I cannot assist you. Places like Walmart & Costco have certain auto adjustments that are added to the image that will destroy the edit and quality. This is most likely the problem and has nothing to do with the image quality.

Do you travel outside of Toronto? Canada?

Passport is updated and I am ready for travel. I do travel regularly for commercial work and always feel at home in new surroundings with new people (I actually thrive on it.) I’m internationally insured and have a bucketlist of travel places that I hope to photograph one day. Side note, I grew up in Kenya, went to school in San Francisco and each year my husband and I set off on a random weeklong adventure to a new place. I love me some adventure.

How much do you charge for a wedding?

All of my pricing is available in the above menu under ‘pricelist’. I have additional options to add my photography coverage including a second photographer. In my experience, every wedding, couple & budget is unique and I am happy to help build the best package that suits you.

How can we pay you?

Email Money Transfer is easiest & preferred. However you can also pay by certified cheque, cash & credit card.

What is the payment schedule?

A 30% deposit as well as a signed contract are required in order to confirm your photography booking. After that, the remainder of your payment is due 14 days prior to your wedding date. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated and provide you with your invoice & a final receipt.

Do we have to feed you at the wedding?

Yes, please. And please have a spot for me in the same room as you to ensure I don’t miss anything while eating dinner. On another note, ask your planner have my dinner brought out during the same time as yours so that I am eating at the same time and can capture you during the times we’re not eating.

Do you photograph anything other than weddings?

I do, I have been shooting commercially for 6 years now and have a bit of a portfolio built up!

Have any other questions?

Feel free to shoot me an email to