120mm is a medium format film. You know that weird looking camera that your grandparents kept in the basement? It looked more like a photo projector than a camera? Well that’s the camera that uses this type of film. We use Yashica Mat & Hasselblad cameras, which find capture the most gorgeous detail and tonal range. With every wedding we shoot, we bring one of these cameras and capture as many special moments in timeless B&W. Why? Because we have a value for slowing the pace & encouraging natural interactions that film photography encourages. Experience over everything for us. With that in mind, imagine what your grandkids will say when they see these film shots of you. Well, go take a look at some of your grandparents wedding photos and bask in the nostalgia. It’s a pretty incredible experience that we hope to share in the art that we provide. Ps. a roll of film provides 12 photographs, if we’re lucky.

Disclaimer, not all film turns out. Many things go wrong in the process and application of analog photography. This is what makes every single image that we produce on film, so very special.

Must see 120mm shooters: Vivian Maier, Ansell Adams, Diane Arbus


35mm FILM


35mm is very similar to what you see today from a digital camera. The crop size or ratio is similar to the cameras we all use now. How do we describe it in layman’s terms? The 35mm camera is like the funny, cool uncle of the family. Its quick, it’s flexible and it’s mobile. It gives a sense of endearment and authenticity to an ordinary view of life. We shoot this type of film for busier days and street photography. This film produces images that are horizontally shaped and great for busy portraiture. We tend to stick to the 120mm for weddings, however you may opt for 35mm by letting us know beforehand. Either way, both films produce a quality that is so intangible & stunning that you’ll cherish for years & years to come.

Must see 35mm shooters: Robert Frank, Elliot Erwitt