My name is Jessy and I am a photographer & artist living in Downtown Toronto with my husband and our furbaby Flash. I enjoy a crisp glass of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and spending my days enjoying the small things, like my tiny little cat. Half of my photography is committed to weddings while the other side is focused on commercial work. I love the energy of weddings and being on set, as well as travelling and adventuring into the unknown. I shoot all over Canada & internationally, regularly travelling on commissions and personal projects. I hope to get the opportunity to photograph some of the most unique weddings out there.

[My husband & I, June 26 2015, at our elopement and the best day of my life. Photo by 3B Photography]

The big Why


Art and emotion go hand in hand. I create best when I am connected emotionally to the people that I photograph and in turn, all of my clients become much more to me than clients. I love unique stories & celebrations, in fact, as an eloper myself, I am so very drawn to those couples that have the courage to pursue something a little different.

Behind The Scenes


I shoot Canon Full Frame Cameras + throw in some 35mm film when the timing is right. I eat a box of Hot Tamales while shooting a wedding, it’s always my good luck charm. My go to lens are 28mm (for those party shots) 50mm (my all around go-to lens) and 135mm (this is my secret for capturing candids).

Here & there

Travel 2018

January           – Florida

March              – Italy

April                 – Hawaii

October           – Vancouver

November       -United Kingdom


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